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Ethiopia: Dumerso Spontaneous Fermentation

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Watermelon, red plum, raw honey

Another fantastic "innovation lot" from our friends at Catalyst Coffee Trade. Fruit forward, sweet melon and honey notes are all present in this lovely coffee.

But we know you're asking, What the heck is Spontaneous Fermentation? Read more below:



What is Spontaneous Fermentation?

Coffee seed is separated from the fruit by rough-surfaced pulping disks and then channeled into various tanks where they start fermentation to loosen the sticky mucilage from the seed.

Spontaneous Fermentation serves two primary purposes. First, to conserve water usage in the post harvest process. (A typical washed process coffee requires roughly 40,000 kgs of water at a minimum to complete a full cycle of fermenting and washing for a single batch.) And secondly, to let the naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria inoculate the parchment in order to break down the mucilage content. Instead of simply filling the fermentation tank with pulped parchment and then covering the beans with water, we let the parchment ferment for a controlled cycle without water.

Following this fermentation step, the parchment is flooded with cool water and funneled into the washing channels where local filtered river water pours over them and laborers scrub them with wooden rakes until the water runs clear.