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Colombia Yesid Florez

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For another year, we've been fortunate to roast coffee from Yesid Florez in Villahermosa, Northern Tolima. Yesid is considered by some to be the next superstar of Colombia coffee. Our partners at La Reb have been working with Yesid for seven years. While the area has produced some Cup of Excellence coffees, it is lesser known as Villahermosa’s infrastructure makes it difficult to access.

This coffee is all about terroir and not about fancy processing. Great coffee cherry is picked, then is rested in-husk for 16 hours, then de-pulped and sun-dried. We taste pistachio, chocolate and mandarin orange. 

Region: Villahermosa, Tolima

Variety: Colombia Supremo

Altitude: 1760m

Process: Washed. Mixed batches from different days of picking. In-husk dry resting for 16 hours. Depulped. Dry-mass fermentation in tank. Sun dried.