Let's Celebrate International Coffee Day In 2022!

Let's Celebrate International Coffee Day In 2022!

Although every day is a coffee day for an ardent coffee lover, the rest of the population joins in to celebrate International Coffee Day on 1 October. With some fun events happening worldwide on this day, the occasion is all about celebrating coffee. But are you familiar with the history of coffee and what International coffee day is, or how you can celebrate the day? Well, if not, then you have landed in the right place as you are about to learn everything you should.

With International Coffee Day being around the corner, we are here to tell you more about coffee and how you can celebrate coffee on this occasion in the best possible way. From trying out delicious Victory coffees to relishing your favorite brew in a fine coffee mug, there are so many fun things to do for a coffee enthusiast. So keep reading to know some interesting coffee information for coffee lovers.  


Glorious History of Coffee

To fall in love with coffee, even more, you need to know about its origin and glorious past. So, let's kick off with the history of coffee, where it came from, and how it became a popular beverage. It might amuse you to know that the stories of coffee date back to 850 AD. People say that coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia by a goat herder whose name was Kaldi. According to legends, he observed his goats becoming energetic after eating fruits from a specific tree. He told about it to the local monastery, who then made a drink using those berries. The drink kept them awake and alert for long hours. 

Sooner, the news about these berries began to spread throughout the Arabian peninsula and then across the globe. Therefore, coffee traveled from Egypt to Great Britain, and this is how it came to Europe. However, it was somewhere around the 18th century when coffee actually became the drink of choice in the United States. This is because of the American Revolution (which was at its peak during this time) and the Boston Tea Party in 1773. 

In order to rebel against the high taxes on tea levied by the Brits, a group of patriots snuck into ships loaded with tea and dumped it all into the ocean. Consequently, people thought of tea as unpatriotic, and it was replaced by coffee. A slow but steady shift happened from coffee being an exclusive product for elites to becoming a popular drink for the masses. In 1903, instant coffee got introduced for everyday consumption at home. Since then, the U.S has become one of the larger consumers and importers of coffee.

So, this was all about a brief history of coffee. Let's move on to the next section, where we will tell you some fun facts.

Fun Facts About Coffee

Even an avid coffee drinker may not know some really interesting facts about their favorite beverage. So here are some fun facts.


  • Do you know that only two states in the United States produce coffee? Yes, you heard it right, and these states are Hawaii and California. 
  • As per the reports of the International Coffee Organization, Brazil grows the most amount of coffee in the whole world. In fact, to give you the statistics, they produce around one-third of the world's total coffee supply. 
  • According to the Fairtrade Foundation, about 125 million people in the world depend on coffee.
  • Do you know that the term espresso is Italian? If you do not know, it simply means "pressed out" or "forced out."
  • During the 17th century Ottoman Empire, there was a belief that coffee had mind-altering effects. Thus, the ruler of that period believed it to be a kind of narcotic. As a result, the ruler banned coffee from public consumption. 
  • As per the International Coffee Organization, people living in Finland drank the most coffee in 2016 (at 12.5kg per person). Now that's a sign of true love for coffee! 
  • Do you know that coffee is the world's second-largest traded commodity, of course after crude oil. 
  • There are two major and popular types of coffee beans, namely, Arabica and Robusta. 
  • It will be an interesting fact for you to know that your coffee stays warm 20% longer after adding cream. 

    What is International Coffee Day?

    For a coffee lover, International Coffee Day is an excellent opportunity to treat themselves to an extra cup. The occasion promotes and celebrates coffee as a beverage all around the globe. The first official date, as agreed by the International Coffee Organization, was 1 October 2015, launched in Milan. 

    Furthermore, the day is also for promoting fair trade coffee and raising awareness of the conditions of the coffee growers. The goal is to strengthen the sustainability and lives of coffee farmers. In fact, on this day, many coffee businesses offer discounted or free cups of coffee. Some businesses also offer coupons and special deals. Also, people organize fun events to celebrate the day. You can also participate in these events and make the day memorable. 

    How to Celebrate the Occasion?

    It's time to know how you can celebrate International Coffee Day this year. Here are a few ideas to make your day even more special. 

    Start Your Day with Some Coffee 

    Starting your day with a cup of coffee is the best thing for any coffee lover. It increases your energy levels to make you ready for the entire day. Besides promoting wakefulness and increasing alertness, the beverage also acts as an exercise performance enhancer. 

    Therefore, it is the best drink for your pre-workout sessions. Coffee is a part of your everyday morning routine, then how can you forget it on International Coffee Day? 

    Try a Brew Method That Gives a Perfect Taste

    One of the fun ways to celebrate the occasion is to try a new way of brewing your coffee. What's a better excuse than this day to buy the best coffee brewing equipment? Make a perfect cup of coffee for yourself with brewing equipment such as Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale. This professional grade smart scale brings consistency and insight to your coffee brewing process. 

    On this day, you can make a few new additions to your coffee cabinet with products like Chemex Bonded Filters, Chemex 6-cup Wood Collar, Baratza Encore Burr Grinder, AeroPress Coffee Maker, and more. 

    Treat Yourself with Delicious Coffee Beans & Blends

    To make the day more special, get adventurous with some new coffee beans instead of sticking to the regular go-to recipe. Shop for your favorite single-origin, blend, or flavored coffee. Indulge oneself in a bright, delicious, and refreshing coffee with Radio Roasters Coffee blends. For a rich aroma and bolder taste, try out Victory Coffees, which comes with a dark cocoa finish. 

    Enjoy Your Coffee In a Tasteful Vessels

    Your everyday coffee-drinking experience can be boring, but you can make it fun with some delightful vessels. The coffee day occasion calls for some interesting ways to enjoy your cup of coffee, and you can do it with a Chemex double-walled mug or Stagg Tasting Glasses. If you have traveling plans for the day, then don't forget to carry your coffee in a Carter Move Mug with a 360° Sip Lid.

    Flaunt our Coffee Love with Coffee Gear

    Why not flaunt your love for coffee on International Coffee Day with a merchandised coffee T-shirt? Grab some interesting coffee gear like a Quality Tones tee, Radio Roasters tote bag, and cap to celebrate your love for coffee. You can wear them and visit the events being organized on this coffee day. 


    Takeaway- Grab the Best Deals on Coffee!

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